questions about enovid

does it really kill covid?


What is enovid?

Enovid is a nasal spray developed in Israel that has been found, according to news reports, to kill 99.9% of the VIRAL LOAD of the Covid-19 virus in 3 days, with most of it gone within 1 day (95%). 

That means that anyone who has contracted the covid virus in their systems can have it removed by using this nasal spray, according to these reports. 



We work with over-the-counter pharmaceutical companies in Israel. And we see that this spray, if it indeed does what it claims, is a remarkable treatment and preventative against the covid virus that has been killing millions of people worldwide, and we wish to make this incredible product available to anyone who we are allowed by law to sell it to!

We are saddened that when someone gets the covid virus, there are not many options for them to get better. Doctors usually tell infected people to go home, rest, and wait it out. This is devastating, as it can many times take weeks for the sickness to leave someone’s body and can also cause long-lasting damage even after the virus is gone. And sometimes Covid-19 overtakes someone so badly that they need to go to a hospital and go on a ventilator in hopes of surviving the deadly virus. If it is possible that this over-the-counter spray can help prevent these things from happening, we are happy to sell it and potentially save lives! 


are you claiming that it for sure works?

We are not doctors. We are a website merchant. We are claiming that others are saying this works and have provided the links to several articles that attest to these claims. Make your own medical decisions along with consultation from a real doctor.


how does enovid prevent someone from getting covid?

According to Enovid instructions, one who has been around people and is concerned about possibly being exposed to the virus can take the spray up to 3 times a day to kill any virus that may have entered the body. Much like a hand sanitizer kills germs you touch before it infects you, the manufacturers of Enovid market it as a “hand sanitizer for the nose.” 


how does enovid treat someone who is sick with covid?

By killing the viral load that is within the body, research has found that once the virus is out of the body, it can improve oxygen levels in the person suffering from covid and prevent them from getting pneumonia.  


is enovid safe?

One article reports that they have found no side effects for people taking Enovid. Enovid’s main ingredient is nitric acid. Anyone who exhibits negative reactions to nitric acid is not encouraged to take this product.  


How can I order?

Go to the order page and follow the instructions. We are brand new, having just launched in late December, so until credit card processing is available, you are welcome to call us at 716-217-2999 to order over the phone.